A Weekend in Istanbul [photos]

I spent a long weekend in Istanbul over Valentine’s Day and if there is one thing I can take away from such a short time in such a huge city, it’s that Istanbul is a city you can fall in love with.

Here is the story of my weekend affair with Istanbul told in instagram photos. Larger post with real photos, reflections and a restaurant recommendation to follow soon.

8 responses to A Weekend in Istanbul [photos]

  1. Brian says:

    So, was a weekend really long enough to experience Istanbul? Based on your photos, it looks like you crammed in a month of exploration regardless. Thanks for sharing.


    • It was a long weekend and no, it was not enough time. I think a minimum of five day to see Istanbul will allow you to hit the main attractions and some off the beaten path stops, but I actually had to go back for a second long weekend and honestly still don’t feel like I truly experienced it. Are you planning a trip?


  2. I had to cancel my trip a couple years ago; one of my dream destinations I have not made it to – yet. Thank you for sharing!


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