Tanya Lopez on Awesomeness Fest and Balancing Passion, Purpose & Profit

I’ve seen such beautiful transformations in people who have come to Afest and it’s such an honour and blessing to be able to play a role in positively impacting people’s lives and all that comes out of those shifts.

I work with an incredible team to bring together conscious, brilliant and purpose driven people in a paradise location to connect, learn, grow and magnify their positive impact on the world. What’s not to love!? :)Read more

#BreakingBread with Michael Tabrizi of #HomelessRestaurantWeek in Baltimore

I decided to invite all the volunteers to sit down with the homeless, have a meal, talk to them, chit chat, have an experience. Sit down and talk to a person. Feel what they feel. I think the problem with homelessness isn’t the lack of food only. They can usually find something to eat. I think the problem is that a lot of them are forgotten. A lot of them aren’t considered humans anymore. We don’t look at them as humans. Read more

All You Need Is

I haven’t seen Andrea in almost ten years. Since then she’s had two beautiful girls who I have watched grow up on Facebook. I recently received a text message from Andrea saying she would be in New York for Mae’s treatment. Mae has stage 4 neuroblastoma, which is a rare form of cancer that develops in infants and children. She is two years old.Read more