Little Miss Traveller, Nicole Jane White on Volunteering in Zimbabwe, Africa

When planning my third trip to Africa in 2012 I felt I wanted to experience the continent in a different way than previous times. I began researching volunteer programs. I came across African Impact. They seemed professional and safe for what I wanted as a lone volunteer traveller. They offer several programs in different parts of Africa. I found the perfect program for me which involved working with orphaned children, gardening and lion conservation at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.Read more

All You Need Is

I haven’t seen Andrea in almost ten years. Since then she’s had two beautiful girls who I have watched grow up on Facebook. I recently received a text message from Andrea saying she would be in New York for Mae’s treatment. Mae has stage 4 neuroblastoma, which is a rare form of cancer that develops in infants and children. She is two years old.Read more